Health officials in the Democratic Republic of the Congo have reported a fresh Ebola outbreak in the country ‘s Northwest. Health minister Eteni Longondo said on Monday four people have already died from Ebola the city of Mbandaka. West Africa was previously hit by an outbreak between 2016 and 2018, in which 11,323 people were reported to have died however, you would think countries are bettered prepared if there was to be another large outbreak. Markets are yet to react, local currency bond sell-offs are expected to be the first indicator of investor sentiment. West Africa exports more than half of the world Cocoa, 60% of the Cobalt used in mobile phones and many more natural commodities. An Africa-centered pandemic could lead to these commodity supply chains being disrupted and a case of investor flight from the region.

How big of an impact will another Ebola outbreak have on the Global markets? Discuss

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