I bet you’d never have thought that the emerging markets offer twice as much exposure to technology stocks as most developed markets. But when you think about it, that kind of makes sense because given that the markets are ’emerging’ there are still a lot of technologies which are yet to ’emerge’ and solve the problems which the locals have. Such as telecommunications, transport and agricultural technology – we won’t dig into 5G just yet as its full offering is yet to be understood.

For example, The MSCI emerging markets index has more than double the tech exposure of the MSCI japan index, triple that of the MSCIs Europe ex-UK index, and 10 times the MSCI UK index. The emerging markets are provide a potential opportunity to invest in many of the industry-leading businesses of tomorrow. Of Course we are biased as we love the Emerging Markets but lock-down may be a good time to learn more about what EM has to offer you.

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