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EM Hound provides 1000s of weekly readers with digestible jargon-explained financial news and insight. Using the power of community and technology, we make it easy for people interested in the Emerging Markets to stay up to date on the markets whilst actively improving their knowledge.

Our MissionĀ 

It all started in London as eager analysts, spread across different banks in the city. Every morning, we would find ourselves trawling through numerous financial news outlets and data terminals to find some version of “what is going in the markets?” and “why is it important?”. Working in the Emerging Markets space some days this was an extremely frustrating task as there just wasn’t much EM specific news. The news you’d generally come across was either too long, too short or almost painful to get through. Not to mention the jargon which you would then have to go on another page to research. Yes, google is still your best friend even whilst working!

This was taking up too much time in the morning and sometimes even the weekends so what started as a small network helping eachother out led to the creation of Emerging Markets Hound.

Whether you are a banker with 20 years experience, an analyst or someone interested in the financial markets. Our goal is to keep all of our readers engaged with what is going on in the Emerging Markets in a time when the global markets have never been so interesting. To achieve this we strive to give you a better understanding of how the Emerging Markets work, the products and give you the confidence to explore the opportunities which it has to offer.

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We areĀ 

A group of people with a real passion for the Emerging MarketsĀ  who aspire to unveil the largely unexplored potential which the Emerging Market economy has to offer. We have experience at large companies in different sectors such as Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Shell, Google and more.

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