For those interested in the Emerging Markets
Digestible morning emails written by the top Analysts from Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, HSBC and many more.
For those interested in the Emerging Markets
Digestible morning emails written by the top Analysts from Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, HSBC and many more.

18 Sep 2020
Middle East & North Africa

Tehran Stock Frenzy Summons Sober Fade.

Following a six month, nearly 400% run-up in dollar terms, the Tehran Stock Exchange is now in bear market territory,

14 Sep 2020
Central & Eastern Europe FX

Turkey Serial Siege Quells Quick Fix

The Turkish lira has lost 20% of its value this year and continues to hit all-time lows as inflation remains

10 Sep 2020
Big Read Articles

China Debt Pile Reams Recovery Foundation.

Cheer reflected in 15% MSCI stock market index leading gains pervades China’s “V-shaped” recovery in the hope the world’s second

09 Sep 2020
Asia Macro

India Split Screen Tugs Market Mood.

  India’s separate asset class sentiment swings were on display in August, as foreign exchange reserves reached a record high

08 Sep 2020
Credit Latam

Argentina Receives Timely Credit Upgrade From S&P.

From James Global ratings agency Standard and Poor’s (S&P) has provided Argentina with a much needed boost after it upgraded

07 Sep 2020
Big Read Articles

Does modern monetary theory open new avenues for EM policymakers?

Stephanie Kelton’s “The Deficit Myth”, a more accessible manual to modern monetary theory (MMT), has brought the controversial school of


Bashkir Soda, looking attractive?

The Bashkir Soda Company (BSC), the largest soda producer in Russia, has recently become the news headliner after activists defended

04 Sep 2020
Middle East & North Africa

What Awaits Lebanon’s New PM?

By James @ Frontier Markets As Lebanon’s woes continue to engulf the country, a new prime minister, the relatively unknown

03 Sep 2020
Big Read Articles Middle East & North Africa

GCC Pain Presages Healing Haul.

With global headlines focused on Lebanon’s growing economic crisis and the formalization of Israeli-UAE relations, the oil price- and pandemic-induced

01 Sep 2020
Central & Eastern Europe FX

Belarusian Ruble Portrays Protest Beating.

Two months after raising USD 1.25 billion in an over-subscribed Eurobond sale offering yields above 5% in the global low

28 Aug 2020
Big Read Articles

Overlooked Debt Drag Clips Asia Wings.

This article is part of our Big Reads Collection! On the MSCI EM Index through the first eight months of

27 Aug 2020
Commodities Latam

Chile and Lithium Exports.

As the world’s electric vehicle demand rises the need for lithium will continue to grow. The electric car maker Tesla

26 Aug 2020
Macro Sub-Saharan Africa

Zimbabwe Unnatural Wonders Never Cease.

After soaring 700% in local currency terms through late June as investors sought a hedge against hyper-inflation, the Zimbabwe Stock

25 Aug 2020
Big Read Articles

Fed Automatic Inflow Gear Sticks.

Pre-pandemic historically, aggressive US Federal Reserve loosening – cutting rates to record lows along with balance sheet expansion – drove

24 Aug 2020
Big Read Articles

Evolving FM/IEM Money Management.

By Max Thornton from Extremity capital Over the course of the last 3 months, I have decided to deepen my

Macro Sub-Saharan Africa

Nigeria’s Latest GDP Results Should Force Shift Away From Oil Reliance.

From James @ Frontier Markets It’s been on the list for almost every Nigerian government administration in the last few

21 Aug 2020
Crypto Latam

Latin American Currencies Battered By Bitcoin.

The trend of investing into alternative assets is on the rise and Bitcoin seems to be benefiting from the current

19 Aug 2020
Asia Finance Macro

Thai Tourism, Protest Tolls Erase Smiles.

Bank of Thailand’s outgoing governor, amid a widespread purge of the economic cabinet including the Deputy Prime Minister and Finance

18 Aug 2020

Argentina’s Economic Situation Spurs Bitcoin Boom.

By James Eugene @ Frontier Markets High inflation, a weakening currency and capital controls have all provided a catalyst for

17 Aug 2020
CIS Macro

Update On the Belarus Situation.

President Alexander Lukashenko is facing the biggest wave of protest – “March for Freedom” – calling for him to step