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European Digital Tax gaining traction.

France, austria and italy are among the european countries that have implemented taxes on tech companies at a national level.


Czech Central bank to cut 50bps to 0.5% tomorrow ✂️ .

We expect the czech national bank to cut interest rates by a further 50 basis points this thursday. Quantitative easing


Blockchain startup signs deal with OCC.

The Options Clearing Corporation (OCC )signed a deal with new york-based axoni, the upgraded stock-lending platform now has $ 72


Oil production cuts boost market.

Futures rose for a fifth day, surging 20 % in new york tuesday to close above $ 24. Brent topped


Brazil Central Bank to cut 50bps✂️.

The expected reduction, the seventh since july, is intended to pump money into the struggling economy. Brazil ‘s unemployment rate


Turkey focus on stabilizing Lira.

The total Turkish Lira sale limit was raised from 30 % to 40 % for swap transactions that have not


German Central bank easing or just financing?

Germany ‘s top court ruled that Germany ‘s central bank must stop buying government bonds within three months unless the

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