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Evolving FM/IEM Money Management.

By Max Thornton from Extremity capital Over the course of the last 3 months, I have decided to deepen my

Macro Sub-Saharan Africa

Nigeria’s Latest GDP Results Should Force Shift Away From Oil Reliance.

From James @ Frontier Markets It’s been on the list for almost every Nigerian government administration in the last few

Crypto Latam

Latin American Currencies Battered By Bitcoin.

The trend of investing into alternative assets is on the rise and Bitcoin seems to be benefiting from the current

Asia Finance Macro

Thai Tourism, Protest Tolls Erase Smiles.

Bank of Thailand’s outgoing governor, amid a widespread purge of the economic cabinet including the Deputy Prime Minister and Finance


Argentina’s Economic Situation Spurs Bitcoin Boom.

By James Eugene @ Frontier Markets High inflation, a weakening currency and capital controls have all provided a catalyst for

CIS Macro

Update On the Belarus Situation.

President Alexander Lukashenko is facing the biggest wave of protest – “March for Freedom” – calling for him to step

Big Read Articles

Africa Shredded Fabric Hides Cheer Pockets.

As official agencies routinely repeat, Covid-19’s impact on trade, tourism and remittances is battering much of the sub-Sahara. The World

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